Sites with a ton of images can take forever to load. For every image, that’s another HTTP request, and more time your users have to wait in frustration while pages load slowly. So what’s the solution? Lazy loading. It can significantly speed up image-heavy sites and takes no time at all to enable on your site. Lazy loading forces images to load only when they are “above the fold.” In other words, only images that come into view in a user’s browser will load. So if you have a page featuring 10 Fresh and Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes, only the first few images in the post will load and the others will load as the user scrolls down the page. To help you get started on lazy loading, I’ve put together a collection of free lazy loading plugins for images, all same-same but different – some with options and settings and some with tiny footprints. Smush Image OptimizationSmush is the most popular all-in-one image optimization plugin for a reason. We include everything you need to make your images load faster. We’ve recently added lazy loading to both the free version of Smush and the turbo-charged Smush Pro, that comes complete with the Smush Pro CDN.

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