Like many other companies with expansive digital products, Automattic (makers of has recently dedicated a significant amount of energy into creating a design language system that we call Muriel. This new design system is ambitious and could reach a wide range of products, potentially transforming our process at Automattic. With only a small team, it’s been overwhelming to say the least. Around the same time, our marketing team was developing a new visual language and a campaign for New creative guidelines, photography, typography, color, and more. Thankfully, the heavy lifting around choosing brand colors was done for us — our main objective was to update the product. Integrating the new color changes was a great opportunity to work on our color system and get our feet wet as a design system team. Why was it important to update the colors? Simply updating the product with the new brand colors was obvious, but there were other benefits. We recognized that our product experience was jarringly different than the new marketing materials. Color helped to align them. As a design system team, we also saw the opportunity to change the way we applied color and make it more meaningful.