Wed 11/26 Detailed Daytime Forecast (Updated Snowfall Accumulations)

Nov 25, 2014
Posted by Austin

Hudson Valley Daytime Forecast

Poughkeepsie, NY

Published November 25th 8:30PM (Updated 6:00AM Nov 26th)


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Rain/Snow Mix (60%)

Total Accum. = Dusting[/one_third][one_sixth]38°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind Variable 5mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Snow (70%)

Total Accum. = Dusting – 1″[/one_third][one_sixth]35°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind NE 7mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Heavy Snow (90%)

Total Accum. = 1-3″[/one_third][one_sixth]33°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind NE 10mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Heavy Snow (100%)

Total Accum. = 2-5″[/one_third][one_sixth]34°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind N 12mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Snow (90%)

Total Accum. = 3-6″[/one_third][one_sixth]34°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind NNE 14mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Snow (70%)

Total Accum. = 4-7″[/one_third][one_sixth]33°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind N 14mph[/one_sixth_last]


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third]Snow Showers (60%)

Total Accum. = 5-8″[/one_third][one_sixth]32°F[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]Wind NNW 12mph[/one_sixth_last]

Forecast by Austin’s Atmosphere


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