At the end of 2018, we launched the inaugural edition of the Automattic Design Awards, a program intended to honor the best design work in the WordPress ecosystem. There are beautiful websites built with WordPress, there are plugins and other features that extend the functionality of WordPress in elegant and thoughtful ways. The more we can highlight that work and honor the people who are driving it forward, the more we can continue to grow our design community and insure that the future of WordPress means “good design for all”. In order to honor the value of the different types of WordPress design work, we solicited entries in three categories: Best Site, for web sites utilizing WordPress to create experiences that are well thought out, easy to use, and visually compelling. Best Style, for strong aesthetic form on par with strong technical function. Best Solution, for code-based enhancements for WordPress, especially tools that enable others to create great sites. In addition, we established judging criteria that emphasized the kinds of design principles that we think will help WordPress grow and thrive: