Hummingbird performance tests, reports, and recommendations just got a major upgrade but to get access to the all new lean-mean-humming-machine…you need to update! In November, Google made much needed changes to PageSpeed Insights. Speed is now being calculated based on actual user experience and a site performance analysis. Thanks to this new Lighthouse integration, Hummingbird is able to see where your page is slowing in the loading process and offer better solutions for fixing performance issues. No more shooting in the dark! No more PTSD (Performance Test Stress Disorder). Now you can find speed bottlenecks, put a solution in place that actually makes things faster for your visitors, and move on. Bing bang bong! The upgraded performance test along with +25 other upgrades and improvements are available now. Get your copy of Hummingbird on or start your 30-day free trial to get Hummingbird Pro and the entire WPMU DEV performance suite.