This week we got another usability study in the books by testing the most recent iteration of our signup and onboarding flow. Thanks to some help from our design operations team I was able to pull it off without a hitch. All I had to do was fill in a request, slightly massage a template script, and then show up for the sessions. Our recruitment coordinator, the amazing Lilibet Greig, did the rest by finding participants, screening them, and then following up with them to make sure they showed up for the study. Running the test Over the course of a week, I worked with two other designers to interview six participants and watched them build a website with Each key segment of our customer base was represented and their experience using site builders ranged from novice to professional. Starting from our marketing home page, they were asked to verbalize their thoughts as they made their way through the process. While one of us spoke with and guided the participants, the others documented their observations and quotes as individual cards on our virtual Mural board. The board was divided into sections representing each screen in our flow and we used different colour “stickies” for each participant.