I’m a sucker for beauty. It shames me to admit it, but my favorite experience as a UX professional isn’t solving problems for the user, or knowing that I contributed to a ten percent increase in the client’s conversion rate. My favorite experience, and maybe some of you relate to this, is when a series of otherwise unremarkable letter shapes, buttons, colors, and blank spaces combine to create a breathless moment of aesthetic delight for the eye and mind. I love a good page layout. I’m a chump for a visually well composed series of paragraphs. The proper degree of corner rounding for a given set of photos in relation to a box three columns over sets my little heart aflutter. Good visual design has almost become a commonplace in our industry, at least on the websites of leading publications and organizations. Great visual design, however, remains as elusive as a black butterfly. When great visual design occurs by my lights (because this is all subjective, and what delights me might leave you meh), I fall so in love with it that I can, if I’m not careful, forget my primary responsibility as a UX designer and creative director.