Online Concierge

Managing Your Online Presence

AtmoVantage provides website concierge services such as social media management, event creation, content updates, blog publishing, virtual customer service and email screening.

Social Media Management

No matter how you feel about social media the truth is that it’s an integral and unavoidable component of your business presence. Social media helps you push news and updates to both new and existing customers and also expands your audience reach.

AtmoVantage has extensive experience setting up and managing social media profiles and can get you up-and-running in no time!


The key to hosting successful events is publicity, but the problem is that publicity can also be time-consuming. AtmoVantage will help publicize your upcoming event using multi-channel methods, including social media, website updates and email newsletters.

Content Updates

Is your website information out-of-date? How long as it been since the last update? AtmoVantage can easily make changes and updates to your website to ensure that the content is fresh and relevant.

Blog Publishing

Websites that don’t have any changing or dynamic content don’t offer a reason for visitors to return. One of the easiest ways to grow your website’s presence is to offer news and/or blog posts on a regular and frequent schedule. Whether you already have content ready to publish, or need to write it, AtmoVantage can help.

Virtual Customer Service

A large segment of customers these days are more likely to try to contact a business using some form of online communication instead of traditional methods like over the phone or in-person. AtmoVantage can help you stay in touch with customers by interacting on your behalf on social media, email and business review platforms like Yelp or Google.

Email Setup & Screening

Using free email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo make your business look unprofessional. Depending on your needs, AtmoVantage can help you setup a professional email address using your business domain name (ex. [email protected]). Costs vary generally between free and $4/month. So why look unprofessional if you don’t have to?


All services are invoiced monthly with prices starting at $50/hour (in 15 minute increments).

Just Having a Website Isn't Enough

In today’s digital world having a website is just the first step to establishing a successful internet presence. To ensure you reach your maximum potential audience you also need to leverage other resources such as social media, email, blogs and newsletters.

But who has time to do all that AND run a business?

That’s where AtmoVantage can help! AtmoVantage will not only setup all your relavant social media profiles, but can also assist with a wide variety of other technical tasks on an ongoing basis.

AtmoVantage will work one-on-one with you to learn your business needs, develop a strategy and then execute that plan. Contact AtmoVantage today to find out how much time and effort you could save!


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