Don't Tread On My Site

Free Speech Isn’t Always Popular

Controversial content shouldn’t be censored.

Domain Name Registration

Every domain name needs to be registered with ICANN, but not all domain registrars are the same. AtmoVantage will help you register your domain name with a trustworthy registrar that won’t be bullied by the masses. All domain names will be anonymously registered to protect your personal information.


Depending on the type of content on your website there are several different options for hosting. AtmoVantage will help you choose the right host, balancing resilency with cost. Less controversial sites may be able to take advantage of less expensive mainstream hosts, whereas more controversial sites will need a more reliable and costlier host.


Sometimes publishing controversial content requires a certain degree of anonymity. Unscrupulous people with opposing viewpoints will sometimes try to “dox” publishers as a way to punish them for having the “wrong” opinion. AtmoVantage will work with you to ensure your website doesn’t expose personal information you would rather remain confidential.


Even though you have a right to free speech doesn’t mean everyone else will respect that right. Malevolent actors often target controversial websites to be hacked or DDOS-attacked in an attempt to silence unpopular Internet speech. AtmoVantage will harden your website against such attacks, discouraging hackers and thwarting Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Website Transfer

If you already have a website AtmoVantage will help you either re-create it or transfer it to a trustworthy host. Our specialization is with WordPress sites, but we may also be able to assist with other platforms as well. Don’t have a website already? We can also help you create a website from scratch!

Flexible Payments

In order to protect privacy and also to avoid censorship by financial institutions, AtmoVantage offers flexible payment options, including traditional credit card gateways, cash, checks and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
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AtmoVantage doesn’t specifically endorse any of the content and opinions expressed by our clients, provided that the content doesn’t fall under any unacceptable categories (see list of such categories on this page). Although we support everyone’s right to free speech does not necessarily mean that we agree with or condone those opinions.

Fighting Internet Censorship

In America your right to express yourself freely is enshrined in and protected by the Constitution, so long as you’re not harming anyone else in the process (being offended or having your feelings hurt doesn’t count as being “harmed”). Nevertheless, unpopular opinions can still come under attack from governments, private groups and individuals.

Some website service providers shy away from dealing with potentially controversial content, but AtmoVantage believes in freedom of speech, even if that speech is controversial.

AtmoVantage’s “Don’t Tread on My Site” is a custom service for individuals, groups and organizations that want a website to publish potentially controversial, offensive, or “non-mainstream” content. This includes political activists, religious groups, citizen action organizations, civil rights advocates and alternative media, just to name a few.

AtmoVantage is willing to engage our website services with you, your group or your organization if your website content, even though controversial, falls under any of the following categories:








Current Events




Personal Opinion


News & Media


Discussion Groups


For legal and moral reasons, AtmoVantage will not provide website services to you, your group, or your organization if your website is involved with any of the following:


Threats & Terrorism


Defamation & Harassment


Pornography & Adult Content


Illegal Activities








Spam & Fraud

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