As a web design freelancer or agency, your reputation relies on the quality of your work. But what happens after you deliver the finished website to your client? Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support, or do you leave them to fend for themselves? Neglecting this aspect of the website could end up costing you and your clients.

If you are a hands-on agency or freelancer, AtmoVantage’s Vortex Manager is a great solution for managing all your client websites in one place. However, if you prefer to completely hand-over the project to someone else after the design job is complete, AtmoVantage also offers complete web hosting and ongoing maintenance plans for your clients.

Without ongoing maintenance and support, websites can break, get hacked or simply go offline. This is not only frustrating for your clients but also puts your reputation at risk. By partnering with AtmoVantage, you can ensure that your clients receive the ongoing care they need, while you can focus on what you do best – creating beautiful websites for your clients.

AtmoVantage’s hosting and maintenance plans include regular backups, automated and safe updates, automatic security scanning, uptime monitoring, and more. This means that your clients’ websites are always up-to-date, secure and running smoothly. And with AtmoVantage’s white-label client reports, you can show your clients the value of the ongoing support you are providing.

If you’re a freelancer or agency that doesn’t currently offer ongoing website maintenance and hosting, don’t risk your reputation by letting client websites break, get hacked or go offline. Consider partnering with AtmoVantage, the experts in managed web hosting and ongoing website maintenance. Plus, by joining AtmoVantage’s referral partner program, you can earn up to 40% commission on the initial sale of managed web hosting plans and maintenance plans, as well as 20% recurring commission on plan renewals. Don’t wait, join our partner program today at