As businesses across the United States are forced by the government to close operations I just wanted to take a moment to communicate to my current and potential clients that AtmoVantage remains unaffected by any government-mandated closures. Fortunately, my business is able to operate 100% remotely. In fact, even before this whole Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started I had several projects completed entirely remotely, never requiring an in-person meeting from start to finish!

Another way AtmoVantage is prepared to endure this crisis is through the power of automation. A lot of the updates, maintenance and security is handled primarily through a series of automated processes. This takes some of the manual intervention out of routine tasks and frees me up to handle only errors or custom work that can’t be automated. In the event where I personally get sick, this automation will allow me to continue business operations with only minimal intervention. I am also putting contingency plans in place so that in the event I am incapacitated by illness my clients’ projects will remain operational and essential credentials can be granted to another website administrator for uninterrupted access.

Additionally, all the third-party vendors and service providers that I use with AtmoVantage to deliver the highest quality managed website services have all been very proactive in this “Coronacrisis”. Vendors like DigitalOcean, WPMU Dev, and Cloudways all have a well-established telecommuting system and/or have communicated their plans on how they will handle the challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic.

A lot of businesses may be struggling right now. If you are a current client and are unable to pay an invoice on-time due to this COVID-19 situation please reach out to me and I will try to accommodate as best as I can.

It all doesn’t have to be negative though! As some businesses close temporarily this may be an excellent opportunity to give your website and social media a facelift! Take this opportunity to review your website and social media presence to make sure it’s up-to-date, user-friendly, competitive and attractive. If you’d like to discuss how AtmoVantage can help improve your online presence please contact me to get the ball rolling!

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Austin Shackelford

Owner of AtmoVantage
Managed Website Services